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Latest Cengage physical chemistry is not available in internet. The only one available is 2005 edition which is in below link

Here you can download Cengage physical chemistry PDF. K. S. Verma is one of most reputated author of Chemistry for IIT entrance preparation. He created various materials for students to short down the subject and helped master physical chemistry.

Coming to the books, this book literally contains everything that you need for physical chemistry. I strongly prefer this book with combination of handbook of Chemistry by arihant publications, which just adds jam to existing milk bread. It's a bad comparison for some but it's what that is.

Studying formulas in hand book and doing problems in Cengage physical chemistry increases the confidence on the subject

This book contains all topics of physical chemistry with detailed explanations at starting of chapter with sprinkled solved examples here and there between, and wraps the chapter with problems at the end which also consist previous year questions. Best part about Cengage is all the questions of the book are completely solved. There are really, really few problems which aren't solved. So you can be confident about each and every question in the book.


Buy the original hard copy 2020 version books from Amazon to support the author and for easy preparation. Due to the copyright strikings I cannot provide you the PDFs for latest updated versions since it is illegal. So I strongly recommend buying the Cengage chemistry set, This is my recommendation since each and every book in this series is worth it for jee advanced preparation. You will never regret if you purchase one since Chemistry drags you in its love !!

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