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The language used by the author Halliday & Resnick Fundamental of Physics is quite easy to understand and the questions given at the end of every chapter are not so difficult but test the student’s apprehension skills.

Fundamental of Physics by Halliday and Resnick is an excellent choice if your goal is to understand the concepts of physics but it is not for you if your basics Concepts are not clear(For Building basic concepts you can switch to DC Pandey Physics Set of 5 Books). Not because it is lacking in any way but because this book demands strong basic concepts of every topic & patience and time. If you have mastered this book then there will be no numerical problem in the book that you can’t handle in few seconds.

(or) purchase the book from the below Amazon link. By doing so you can support the author of this book and also it is easy for you to study from hard copy.


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