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Physics DC Pandey PDF

Here you can download physics DC Pandey PDF for free. DC Pandey is one of the most popular author in JEE community. These books (Complete series of Understanding physics by DC Pandey) are excellent for people who are looking for great amount of theory and best examples and problems which are meet advance standards though hold their basics to NCERT level. There are 5 books in the series:

  • Mechanics Part 1
  • Mechanics Part 2
  • Waves and Thermodynamics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Optics and Modern Physics

These books have a great detail on content and is packed with large number of problems with at most quality to ensure feeding students with good problems rather than outdated and process intensive problems which NTA doesn’t test for rather this book builds logical reasoning and way physics must be taught. Chapters in these books are wrapped up in logical manner to make the classification of physics smooth to the reader. Problems in this book are arranged as follows:

  • Single choice correct type
  • multiple choices correct type
  • assertion reason type
  • subjective type questions

The Bolded ones above are asked in JEE Advanced where they are present for each and every chapter and topic of Physics for JEE main and Advanced. Below are links to download PDF version of the books.

Mechanics (Part 1)DOWNLOAD
Mechanics (Part 2)DOWNLOAD
Waves and ThermodynamicsDOWNLOAD
Electricity and MagnetismDOWNLOAD
Optics and Modern PhysicsDOWNLOAD

(or) Buy the original hard copy 2020 version of these books from Amazon to support the author and for easy preparation. Due to the copyright strikings I cannot provide you the PDFs for latest updated versions since it is illegal. So I strongly recommend buying the DC Pandey Arihant set, This is my recommendation since each and every book in this series is worth it for jee advanced preparation. You will never regret if you purchase one since physics drags you in its love !!

Mechanics (Part 1)View on Amazon
Mechanics (Part 2)View on Amazon
Waves and ThermodynamicsView on Amazon
Electricity and MagnetismView on Amazon
Optics and Modern PhysicsView on Amazon


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