JEE mains 2019 question papers with solution download (both JAN and APR)

January 2019 (questions+solutions) total 8 papers

DateShift 1Shift 2
9 Jan 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry
10 Jan 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry
11 Jan 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry
12 Jan 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry

April 2019 (questions+solutions) total 8 papers

DateShift 1Shift 2
8 April 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry
9 April 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry
10 April 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry
12 April 2019MathPhysicsChemistryMathPhysicsChemistry

Grand total 16 papers which is far more enough for people writing JEE mains on 2020. all papers have solution immediately after the question. you must practice all the 16 papers (highly recommended).

Or you can practice from a hard copy book which is far more better for your eyes 🙂 click on below link to buy arihant JEE mains 2019 solved papers book.

also don’t waste time doing papers other than 2019 if you have less time since the new paper setter came 2019 onward and also you have plenty of papers to deal with 2019 itself.

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